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And yet so far... by EcliptorCalrissian And yet so far... by EcliptorCalrissian

Conan: "I'll find a way out of this someday. I'll come home. I promise."
Dica: "Or, how about, I promise that I'll find a way to get you out of there. And then, you're so gonna owe me, buddy."
Conan: "Hah! Anything you want."

Two more of TiElGar's crew, Dica and Conan. They're equine characters from not-actually-MLP-related stories of hers and are worth checking out; hey, unlike me, she can actually draw!

They don't normally look like this. And ironically, their lives were much freer before the had the kind of power they were eventually given. Dica was more of a wild spirit, daring anyone to try and capture her, while Conan was serious and quiet. Basically, they were given great powers different factions but not quite enough to not be forced into using 'em the way those factions wanted... nowadays, Dica runs with a group of space amazons, while Conan is forced to protect a certain magic artifact; if he tries to leave, he will die.

As for their separation as depicted here, it's not a hundred percent literal. It's a spacefaring story where pretty much no one who's a major player is ground-bound. His 'tether' the connection of his life to the artifact, hers is more that she can't leave those who've taken her in after everything that led to her becoming this way; they need her too much. The point, though, is for all their power they can't return to each other or their normal lives. It's what really struck me about these two; they got powers that would make it seem like a jump from being an insect to a god. However, it puts them on a new playing field on which they're nowhere near the highest level and it's all they can do to survive. If you got a thousand times the power but ten thousand times the trouble in a world where you're separated from everything you know and everyone you love, with everything about your life decided by powers even your new ones can't touch and who didn't particularly care what their grand designs meant for the likes of you, it wouldn't matter what your new tricks are, you'd just want to be free to live your life. Eventually, they do get their happy ending, but they have to go through a lot to earn it!

Ponies: Generalzoi's pony creator, aka the awesomest toy MLP fans have ever had.

Background: Uh… One of my favorite wallpapers; I'm not sure where it came from. However, I don't feel using it in this way is quite theft because, well, who would believe I somehow got to the stratosphere to take that picture myself if I said I did?

As for the space station I stuck in there, ditto on taking no credit for it. As for which one it is, I considered every station in my favorite sci-fi shows, but then decided the real deal is best. Hey, if the International Space Station did actually exist to guard an artifact so super-powerful and super-dangerous that it could not be stored anywhere on the planet, would they tell us about it? I think not!

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TiElGar Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015
Oh my God, that's so impressive and so wonderful **  You are the person, who understood this story so good and really experienced it, even I told about it not much... You know, that's one of stories, which live in my mind for a really  long time, and, it changes in some moments from time to time, but, the main meaning is always the same. And You understood it and realized it so wonderful :) I don't know how to thank You.... May be, I can draw something for You to thank You ^^?
 This summer I thought about this story again, and tried to write it again, even, only on a paper, even didn't type it. So pleasant  to get such a present! It's like a sign from the Universe, where they live. Thank You for making this sign  ! *_*

Antena-Dika-Unicorn comet  - here are some more pictures with them, even, not in "MLP:FiM" style

Thank You very-very much :bow:

Wow, you're very welcome! I'm glad I was able to understand them so well. I really hope you do write it (even if not in English, I'll give Google Translate a shot!) I'm really enjoying these and knowing I'm seeing them so close to the way you wanted makes me happy.

And I looked at that link. Conan transformed looks great. It's like he brings the night with him, though still manages to look friendly! Also, there are more details there that I didn't know about. I really love the idea of the light and dark powers not being strictly "good" or "bad" by our standards, both sides having good reasons for what they do, and ways of doing it that make them pretty equally scary to be involved with. And that something like those living comets could become dependent on Dica and Conan anyway. At once, the powers that be are so far above "mere mortals," even ones with magic... and yet, it turns out we can be important after all. (Of course, again, being important to them is more trouble than you want...)

I'm also reminded of some stories I've had in my head for a long time. (Not, like, word-for-word, but I've always liked to come up with stories and have many in my head that I like to think about, even if I don't have enough details to start writing, sometimes even if I probably never will.) I didn't write many of them down, and even when I did, I'd change details a lot, It's mostly on paper, I always had a notebook with me. I've still got them, old notebooks from when I was a child, and very little is actually typed even now. With the details changing in my head so much, not much is accurate now… sometimes I go back and look at those notebooks every once and a while, still. 

Hmmm. If you'd like to draw one, I'd love to see you try Dr. Shannon Porter. Or at least that's her human name. Her real one is hard to pronounce.

She looks like a more humanoid werewolf, at least most of the time, after the reveal of who she really is. She looks, and is, quite fast and strong, with claws and teeth you wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of. However, she tries to look friendly and would wear something like a lab coat or something a doctor might wear, given on the situation. She adds to the look by wearing glasses that she doesn't actually need. 

If you want to know who she is, she and another main character of mine (I keep changing my mind on what his name should be!) were best friends for years, while she looked like an ordinary human scientist. Sometimes I think he has a crush on her, sometimes not… I think, though, that it's best that they remain more like brother and sister.

He has the power to control electricity, she can turn into something like a more humanoid werewolf, very fast and strong, but they hide it from each other at first. Other characters each have one thing like that. 

At first it seems that transforming into an animal-like form is her ability, but it turns out that her animal form is closer to her true form than her usual human appearance is. Her people, though they look very savage and animal-like, are actually very advanced and she was able to explore Earth by taking on human form. She knew it would be a sacrifice; after going through the procedure that would alter her body, she'd never be able to fully return to her original form; the "werewolf"-like form she sometimes turns into is as close as it gets. There are a few others of her kind doing the same thing on other worlds, giving up their natural forms to explore other civilizations. If you meet a race you've never heard of, she's the one to ask because her people probably know and have learned details you can only learn by living there. But there are a few races even they don't know about...

TiElGar Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
 Thank You very much again :)
If I'll type something from this story, I'll tell You, even, I can't promise, that it will happen. Story returns to my head than it (or they,- main characters :)) for their reasons.
Also, that's so interesting and pleasant to know, that You have so long living story too. Stereotypes mustn't rule the life. Every being can be good or bad, and it don't depend on their race, or their implication to the light or to the darkness. 
  Dr. Shannon Porter seems to be pleasant and serious person. Will try to draw her :) And, it's still interesting, what is her werevolf name, even if it's very hard to pronounce ^^
EcliptorCalrissian Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015

Her name, and anything in her language, sounds like animal growls to most of us (in fact, it's only the ones like her who've been altered who can talk to most other races. Of course, when talking to her own people she has trouble now, similar to a human with a bad lisp or speech impediment.) so it can't really be written. 

And yes, the ideas come when they will. Sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm coming up with it, more like it just wrote itself in my head! When I first started, she was going to be someone who was born human and transforming was going to be her power like electricity is her friend's; then I had to decide why she can change like that. I thought about it for a short time and then… suddenly her whole life and her race and their way of life comes to me, one thing after another.

TiElGar Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
 That's why it's impossible to tell her name :) That's really interesting to have beast-type language in Your mind, even You can't express all things from it on human language.
 I understand such changes of the story. At first my Dica had not big logic in changes too, and later alive comets came to the story and made it a bit more interesting)
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