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Karti and Crystal - A taste of the future by EcliptorCalrissian Karti and Crystal - A taste of the future by EcliptorCalrissian

Karti: "I know that you desire to assist me in acclimating to this era, and for that I am most appreciative. However, I do not see how eating one of these… 'hay burgers' will help. Would not this time be better spent in the library, reading up on the history that I have missed?"

Crystal: "You did that for hours in a row, for days in a row. You don't get to know a place that way… well, it's important, but you gotta live it! See the sights, and I don't just mean where the things you used to know used to be. When I got loose from the gem I  was sealed in, that's what I started with, and lemme tell you, I didn't wanna to go outside after that either."

Karti: "I also do not possess any of this age's currency. And I could not in good conscience impose upon you any further than I have already-"

Crystal: "Aw, c'mon. Treating a lovely lady to an afternoon's entertainment is always my pleasure. 'Sides, those three coins you had on you when you got unsealed are worth enough to buy this whole city!"

Karti: "If that is as you say, then having them appraised and converted should be my next move. I should rent someplace to stay for the duration of my mission."

Crystal: "No… your next move should be to take a big giant bite of this right here! Then, after lunch, I'll give you the real grand tour of this city. Listen to me. I'm pretty much the only one you're going to find who knows what you're going through firsthand, and I'm telling you, when it comes to actually living in this place, day-to-day, those books have brought you as far as they can. I'm sure there's more you could know about how they make streets like the one we came here on or the life of whoever made that song they've got playing, but… you wanna know what it's like to live in this age, you gotta just start doing it."

Karti: "And this…" [points at the burger] "is 'living in this age?' What I have read informs me that nutritionally speaking, these are one step removed from poison."

Crystal: "The ones they make here are the closest thing there is to paradise. …and if you don't like hay burgers, they've got oat burgers!"

Karti: "I shall… try one." [She takes a small bite… then starts to eat faster and faster.]

Crystal: "So, what'cha think?"

Karti: [chomp, gobble, slurp] "Mmph."

Crystal: [tries not to laugh]

Karti: "This… this is delectable! Truly, my age had nothing of the sort! And common people partake of this, it is not reserved for an elite warrior such as yourself?"

Crystal: "So, I take it they meet even your approval?"

Karti: "Never let it be said that era does not have its good points."

Crystal: [smirks] "Hah. Wait'll you try the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness."

Karti: "Mmmm, that sounds even better."

Crystal: "How'd you know that's what they call it?"

Karti: "…eh?"

Two more of TiElGar's characters. I hope I didn't go overboard with the hair. Karti does have rainbow hair, but it's more like Rainbow Dash's than this. However, I just felt like doing something different. Also, I'm completely guessing about how they actually speak. The less-acclimated Karti sounding more formal than the more-acclimated Crystal just felt right.

Karti was sealed away for a thousand years (that's kinda the rule, isn't it?) and has recently returned to a world in which everyone she knew is gone, and it's changed so much that she hardly recognizes it. She practically has to re-learn how to live, from scratch. And of course, the enemies who sealed her away surely haven't been napping all this time. [insert dramatic music here.]

Crystal had a similar situation, so he's best able to sympathize with her. He'd been trapped in a gemstone for some time until he was able to communicate with the people who'd found it and were using it to channel his power (unknowingly; they weren't the villains of the story.) and make the truth of the situation known. 

Crystal is showing Karti around the new world, which he understands better if not completely. Currently, they're exploring the simpler pleasures of life, such as good food with a new friend - something every era has.


Background:… (I used about 1/3 of it.)

Burger: sir-teutonic-knight.deviantart… (Original isn't bitten.)

Karti's CM:… (Altered various ways; the original is an accurate G3 Dash CM.)

Generalzoi's pony creator used. However, I always put a few (or more than a few) finishing touches on them, so don't be too confused if you can't find the button to do something you see here.

I know most people don't feel the need to say what all they did to the resources they used, but I always feel like I'm doing the maker a disservice if the bit I used is too altered from the original. I don't want to not give proper credit, but I also don't want to be why an awesome piece of work someone spent ages on is thought of as less than it is by even a few people, you know?

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TiElGar Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
Thank You very-very much for Your amazing works with my characters ** They are so alive, so casual and deep in the same time. That's the best present from the  friend - to get chance to see something and something from the distance. I newer thought about so simple and very good things , like taste of the time ^^ And, newer thought, that these two characters could meet each other. Thank You very much!
EcliptorCalrissian Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
Happy to hear you say that! 

Might I ask, what does Crystal's cutie mark represent? 
TiElGar Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
Crystal's cutie mark is a crystal - I wasn't originsl, making it so ^^'
EcliptorCalrissian Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
Lol. I didn't know. I just zoomed in reeeeal close and tried to remake it exactly. I thought maybe it was the symbol of a group of guardians that he was part of. It'd make a good one!
TiElGar Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
I stt, on Your picture it was something more, than just a gem) Thank You for it ^^
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