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Star Flight and Heart Bright - Taking wing by EcliptorCalrissian Star Flight and Heart Bright - Taking wing by EcliptorCalrissian
Star Flight: "How far did she go this time, my dear?
Heart Bright: "198 yards from the balcony to here!"
Star Flight: "Looks like the new wing adjustments are a success."
Heart Bright: "But she's just begun to put them to the test."
Knick-Knack: "I really appreciate all the work you've done to help me fly, but could you please stop with the rhyming!"
Star Flight: "C'mon, Knick-Knack, don't even start."
Heart Bright: "The little one doesn't… uh… appreciate our art!"
Star Flight: "All right, Knick-Knack. Let's see how you climb."
Heart Bright: "Make it to the roof and for three days we won't rhyme!"
Star Flight: "...Two days."
Heart Bright: "Hah! That didn't rhyme! You're making dinner tonight!"
Star Flight: "Oh, come on! That's not fair!"

These three are from my other future-verse that I haven't gotten around to writing anything in, a bit farther on than Winter Shade and Apple Spice's point. As in, about five hundred years. Princess Twilight rules solo, as she has for the last three hundred years, after a great cataclysm after which no one's quite sure what happened to the other alicorns. She swears that they will return, but will not say more - and it's far from the only secret she keeps. (No, she didn't go evil and send them to the moon or anything.)

And when she needs help with the new technology of the age, who does she call upon? The best engineers in the land, a wife-and-wife pair of self-proclaimed mad scientists by the name of Star Flight and Heart Bright. They're based on the G3 ponies of the same name, from "Two for the Sky." In that one, they wanted to fly and built bigger and better attempts at it in their workshop. Mine are just fine with being earth ponies, but their adopted daughter Knick-Knack (named for a Breezie sold with Star Flight in certain countries) is a pegasus whose wings that didn't form properly. They're working on prosthetic additions to them that will help her fly. For now she can glide downward with a decent bit of control.

(Which means no, she won't be able to fly up, not for years. So much for getting those days of non-rhyming!)

Star Flight and Heart Bright are the same age. Heart Bright is short and stocky while Star Flight is tall and lanky. Maybe I had the Cake Family in the back of my head when I was thinking about them.

As for the rhyming thing, the G3 versions were from a storybook that everyone was reading so they, and everyone else in the story, talked in rhyme. (Interestingly, everyone else in the story was an actual known character, so maybe they really did exist? Who knows.) My idea is, these two do it sometimes as a game they play. When they they met, they noticed their names rhymed, and when Heart Bright spoke, Star Flight accidentally responded in rhyme as well. Took more than that alone for them to fall in love, but that moment did lead to them talking a little more, which would lead to them discovering similar interests, becoming friends and working together, etc., etc., and by now they're happily married and embarrassing their kid by being sickeningly cute with each other. Their rhyming game commemorates the accidental rhyme moment that started it all. First to not be able to respond in a rhyme with at least almost the same number of syllables makes dinner!

And even having them as married, I can't possibly make them more shippy than the actual G3 versions. It must be seen to be believed.

Star Flight isn't quite as mad as Heart Bright in the mad scientist department. Basically, Star Flight typically sees a need and goes about fixing it. Heart Bright gets an idea and it's like "ooh, what if we could do this?" Another difference is that Star Flight's need to keep going until it's finished can get quite obsessive. Heart Bright's not as bad about it, but is worse about trying dangerous things. Star Flight could invent the car. Heart Bright could invent the iPhone. Star Flight has gone more consecutive days without eating or sleeping, saying "Just a little longer, I promise!" Heart Bright has set more things on fire. However, neither is completely innocent in either department.

Heart Bright's jacket-thing is kinda like the Doctor's coat in Doctor Who. You never know what random thing she'll pull from it. She always has tools.

By Twilight's royal decree, within their workshop if either of them says "don't touch that!" it is to be considered equal to an order from the Princess herself. The penalty for not heeding it? There is none; with the kind of projects these two work on, what'll happen to you if you go poking round without knowing what you're doing against their warnings is more punishment than anyone deserves. There are stories, lots of them, about what have happened to those who have tampered with Star Flight and Heart Bright's projects. Star Flight and Heart Bright will neither confirm nor deny them.

Knick-Knack's necklace was the one thing left with her when she was found as an infant. She doesn't know what to make of it: she and pretty much everyone else suspects that she was ditched because she's not quite perfect, but you wouldn't think someone who would abandon her for her disability would leave her a keepsake. She wears the necklace everywhere in hopes that it will be recognized by someone. However, she doesn't tell Star Flight and Heart Bright about this, as she fears they will think she doesn't see them as her 'real' parents. In fact, she does and there's no one she loves more, but she still wants to know who her birth parents are and why she was given up.

She's still a blank flank and will remain one for some time. She idolizes her mothers to the point of trying anything she can to get better at their craft, which means she'll be a bit late discovering her own.

As for Willow Wisp, the other Breezie sold with Star Flight… her namesake will turn up.

Background: A veeeeery small corner of Simple Ponyville Background by dipi11.
Generalzoi's pony creator used.
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro. And needs to bring back Minty.
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