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Winter Shade and Apple Spice, into the woods by EcliptorCalrissian Winter Shade and Apple Spice, into the woods by EcliptorCalrissian
The title I wanted to use was "Winter Shade and Apple Spice, About To Get Grounded Again." But, too long.

Again with these two. The stars of my future-verse, Winter Shade and Apple Spice head off on another adventure to someplace where they're probably not supposed to be. Excitement and copious amounts of tree sap await! As usual, Apple Spice can't wait to leap into the unknown while Winter Shade is a bit more cautious, but not cautious enough to say no. Since the lowest branches aren't too low but the ground is very uneven, for once it's safer for the blind pegasus to fly than to walk.

By the time they're ready to go home it'll be getting dark, and pitch black by the time they're halfway there. That's when Winter Shade will lead the way. She doesn't know the *exact* way back, and her energy senses don't tell her much about what's far away from her, but she's used to keeping track of which way she came, and she's used to finding her way around unfamiliar places without sight; she just gets more information out of everything she hears, smells, and touches than those who are dependent on sight. Even so, they'll wander for hours and get into a few scrapes before they eventually find their way back to civilization.

As for what's awaiting them at home, Winter Shade's got a lot of Grandma Twilight in her and gets lost in study for ages, and the things her energy senses show her are things she can't explain to anyone and spends a lot of time learning to deal with it, so her existence is usually quite solitary. As such, Nyx and Snowdrop are quite happy for their daughter to have a friend who can get her out of her shell and lead her into experiencing and doing more - there were tears of joy at this first time Winter Shade was actually away from home for too long because she was out with an actual friend and having actual new experiences. Her parents never thought the day would come.

Apple Spice, on the other hand… Zecora and Big Macintosh know just how far their rambunctious daughter can take things, and when she's away for a long time like that, they worry that she's doing something completely insane or has gotten herself seriously injured, as has happened once before. She's just beginning to get her freedom back after that, so when she was out until nearly two in the morning and having never told her parents she was planning anything like going that deep into the woods, you can bet they weren't happy in the slightest, and that maximum security prisoners probably have more freedom than Apple Spice did for the next month or two. (That seems like a long time to ground someone, but being angry with someone is usually shortlived. Being afraid for their lives as they continue to do dangerous things… that doesn't expire. It's gonna be a while before they feel safe letting her out of their sight again.)


The short version if you don't know 'em is, Winter Shade is the daughter of Nyx and Snowdrop. (Time travel was involved. So was a temporary gender change for one of her moms.) Her sixth sense for elemental energies (something all pegasi have for weatherworking in my headcanon; her pegasus magic is very strong because one mom's an aspect of Princess Luna and the other one's a weather prodigy - hey, Snowdrop invented the modern snowflake as a child!) is strong enough that she sometimes sees things we can't and would probably rather not, hence the eye cutie mark. When it comes to what we can see, her energy senses are useful but there's a reason why Apple Spice usually walks in front.

Apple Spice on the other hand is the daughter of Big Macintosh and Zecora. She's fearless and adventurous and would totally not be alive by now without her friend to be the voice of sanity. The damaged ear is something she picked up on one of her little excursions, along with some nasty/awesome scars (her parents consider them nasty; she considers them awesome) that I'll need to gain some actual drawing ability to depict. She tries not to talk in rhyme but sometimes forgets herself; when doing it on purpose she's not as good as Zecora. She's a late bloomer in the cutie mark department like much of her family, but doesn't obsess over it. She's learning both her parents' work, and is also very strong.


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