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Something ieperen3039 did for me, asking only that I share it on my page! What's most awesome is, I didn't even give a lot of description of what the scene would be, pretty much just saying she was doing "something teacher-ish." So, it was fun to see this scene of her taking out a paper airplane with a piece of chalk from across the room. I imagine in every class there's always one cut-up who thinks you can get away with anything if the teacher's blind, and on the first day you gotta show that it's not so easy!

As always, best with full view:

(Same meme as yesterday. Now, her questions, then mine, more or less according to the rules.)

1) Why You give Your characters the names, which You gave them?
I have different rules. With original universes, I try to make the alien characters’ names not mean anything. I can’t imagine someone from so far away that it would take centuries to reach their home at light speed having a name that tells you everything about them if you know Greek or read a lot of Shakespeare or something. With humans, I like to play with names in some ways. If it’s too appropriate (say, a cat-themed character named Sylvester or Felix) or too ironic (a super impatient character named Patience) it’s probably an alias or otherwise chosen by the character. When it comes to superhero names, I try to think of something the actual characters would name themselves if they were real. If a character wears all black and has a name like Hellblade The Blood-Reaper, that’s the first sign he’s read too many comic books and really didn't know what he was getting himself into. Someone who’s actually a killer won't bother coming up with a codename at all. Of course, with fanfic characters I try to stick to the rules of the original work.

2) If You could realise something very meaningful for You, but the condition of it will make You to lose talent to draw. Will You agree for this change?

For me it'd be a small loss, since I already can't draw very well. Lol. I could learn, but I’d rather put that time and attention toward getting better (and faster) at writing. (I’m really not very visually oriented anyway, and describe most of my human characters by thinking about who I’d have play them if it were a movie.)

3) What color of hair You prefer, and did You color Your hair in not traditional colors?
Mine wouldn't look good some exotic color, I don’t think. I've always thought characters with purple hair were cool, though. 

4)What movie of this Year You want to see most of all?
Naturally, the one I'd most looked forward to was the new Power Rangers movie. It surprised me, it was a lot better than I thought it’d be! (I knew it wouldn’t be just like the original series, but when the first trailers I saw were focused almost entirely on showing how the kids were darker and more troubled than their 90s namesakes, I was fearing the next Batman V. Superman, dark for dark’s sake at the expense of being fun or anything like the characters we know. Fortunately, no worries on that: it was a lot of fun! Behold, Rita trying out donuts and casually not bothering to notice the destruction the battle causes.… It should always be this kind of show! Also, they did some interesting things with the lore. Seriously, if you were ever into any version of the show, you'll probably enjoy this movie.)

I guess now that I've seen it, the movie I'm most looking forward to is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

5) Do You have OC, which is Your absolutely opposite?
Tanathanar the trader, same universe as Shannon and Kristoff. If you try to say it, it probably won’t sound at all like the same name to him (basically, when they speak it’s on two levels, one most races can hear and one very few can. “Tanathanar” basically means the other thing he’s saying, the part you can’t hear, is a name. That means, as far as you can hear, he’s Tanathanar, a Tanathanar from the planet Tanathanar in the Tanathanar sector. …Of course, given his personality, he could be making all that up just for the fun of it. His people are not very well known to much of the galaxy; he's the only one of his kind most people, including the team, have seen.) He's actually a scheming shady-salesman type that the team has done business with because he knows everyone and everything. Sometimes his schemes lead to real danger but he usually figures out a way to come out on top. (Though sometimes, he does suffer and/or barely escape with his life. He always gets away, but he doesn't always win.) The team gets better at figuring out his real intentions in a situation and using his greed to keep him in line, but he's never quite a good guy or a bad guy.

6) Do You have favorite machine? (any technical vehicle)
Hmm, I'm not entirely sure what is meant by technical. My favorite vehicle of any kind, though, would be the SR-71 Blackbird. It’s so fast it just speeds up to outrun missiles, and parts are deliberately made too small they needed room to expand in flight. (Of course, that means when parked it leaks like a sieve…) Whenever something managed to outrun its fastest known speed, a Blackbird was taken up for another public flight and outran it by just a bit more, making you wonder just what its true maximum possible speed was. Does anyone really know? It set four new records on its retirement flight in 1990.

I was into planes when I was a kid. After finding out about this one, it was sad to know it wasn’t still in service. I liked to think that that was just something they told civilians, and somewhere far higher than lesser planes could go (did I mention its altitude was as impressive as its speed?) they were still up there being used for super secret world-saving stuff.

For industrial vehicles, check out this bucket wheel excavator.… No, that’s not edited. I wish I’d been in the room when whoever designed it had to propose building it. Someone had to get this made this over the objection of anyone saying “building one’s ten times more work than anything you could do with it!” Also, you gotta love physics. The bigger you make a machine, the more support it requires. At this size, all that is needed just to carry and move the sawblade part. The part that does the work is “merely” house-sized but everything else adds up to the size of a downtown skyscraper or two.

7) What You prefer - biological life, vehicle life, spirit life?
There’s an interesting question and I hope I’m understanding it correctly… anyway, I’ve always thought of different cars having personalities, and wondered how they felt about being sold. (I also had a different name and personality for every clock in my school. Totally, totally obsessed with clocks and watches as a child and still have more than any one person needs.) When it comes to spirit life, I also often think of this: what if there were things we couldn't see or touch, but could affect the world around us in ways we could perceive but couldn't quite understand? People might interpret it through the lens of their existing spiritual beliefs, sure that it’s a ghost/angel/demon/etc. However, think of other things people once saw as supernatural but are better understood. Compare what the Sun really is to the idea that it was Apollo’s chariot or Ra’s boat. So, the truth could be a lot more spectacular than even the beliefs most people consider strange.

8)Do You have favorite kind of anthropomorphic mythological creatures?
I've always liked the stories where dragons are treated as fully sentient, wise, and noble creatures (who are perfectly capable of going Godzilla on you if you provoke them, of course.) 

9)Can You imagine sky of any not traditional color, which will be forever over your head?
I've always liked purple! Though that might be close enough to blue that it wouldn't be too different.

10)What season is Your favorite?
Winter is beautiful, I love it even if nobody else seems to. The world covered in soft snow, the crunch of it under your feet, the smell of the air, and of course, snowball fights! And being cold isn't so bad, all you have to do is wear enough clothing to be comfortable.  (Think of that. In the winter you can always add more clothing. In the summer, you can only take off so much before you get arrested. :p ) Of course, every season has good points.

11)If You can travel for one day to any another time, what time will You choose?
I'd like to see what becomes of the world in a few hundred years. With the past, too much is connected to too much else to know what you're doing. Yet, I don't trust myself to not be tempted to try to change something.

12)What You like more - life under the water, or life in the sky?
Sea life is so fascinating, and there’s something about having to actually go down there, where the light won’t reach, to see and understand it.  

13)Did You ever created Your own mythological creature?
A race of fairies, or at least what the people call fairies. Magic flows through the enviroment, in paths like water. Sometimes, though, magical energy pools in one place, combining with whatever kind of matter is there, creating these small life forms. They don’t tell much about their society, including what they’re actually called, so people call them fairies and they’re okay with it. They can be made of anything: soil, water, fire, plant material, air, even dark matter, and have a degree of control over the kind of material they're made of, using the magic around them. Soil and plant fairies are the most common. (It's harder to get the same water or fire or air to stay still long enough to be energized.) Dark matter is the most rarely seen variety, but it’s believed that they’re the most common, but just don’t come down to the ground often. They are not immortal; the matter can only hold the energy for so long. However, it will permanently store their knowledge, and if ever brought to life again, the new fairy will have it. Maybe a few drops of the water you're made of was once part of someone else, so you are born knowing how to sew or the history of musical theater or one of that previous fairy’s friends. Multiple fairies having the parts of a single past fairy’s memory is very common; they usually end up being very close, each feeling like the others are a part of themselves. A fairy will go back to the place they were formed when they sense the end is near so their knowledge won't be lost. You could try to preserve a fairy by keeping all of the dirt or water or whatever together and placing it somewhere fairies are commonly born in hopes of it being re-energized; it has been tried. The new fairy would have the same memories but not necessarily the same personality of the old; whether or not to consider it the same person is something no one can say for sure. 

My questions:
1: Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? No, not the actor.
2: If you could be a member of any non-humanoid race, which would it be? Can be from any kind of fiction or mythology or a species you came up with yourself.
3: What's the thing you've drawn, written, or otherwise made that you're most proud of?
4: If there were a movie about you, who would you have play the role?
5: If you could have everything you needed without having to work, how would you use your time? (And no sitting on the couch all day. :p The idea is more, what goal or dream would you pursue if you weren't bound by the usual needs?)
6: What's your favorite sci-fi tool that *isn't* a weapon?
7: ...Okay, okay, and what's your favorite sci-fi or fantasy weapon? (If you're gonna say "Lightsaber," then what's your favorite and second-favorite?)
8: If you've got to fight a city-wrecking villain, would you want comic book superpowers, anime superpowers, or GIANT ROBOTS?
9: If it meant you could never return to Earth, would you go on a voyage to other worlds if you knew for sure that there was life?
10: If you speak any language other than your native language, which one(s), and why did you learn it/them? 
11: What foreign holiday that your society doesn't celebrate do you think they should pick up?
12: Name something you like that everyone else seems to hate.
13: Do you think that you could sacrifice your life to save someone else?

I tag... whoever wants to do it. Looking forward to seeing more answers!

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...Maybe I'm not doing all those things in the header at the exact same moment; more like a snapshot of the last couple days. :p

Anyway, got this from my friend Tielgar, who also got me thinking about the characters I'll mention down the line recently. I've wanted a good reason to talk about 'em more and this is it!

I didn’t really follow the more complicated rules of this thing, 'cause... I didn't feel like it. :p (For that matter, even the first one's pretty silly. "You have to do it?" Uh... yeah... it's kinda hard to do something without doing it.)

I'll go ahead and do the questions my friend was asked as well, just because they sounded fun too. And that means this'll get long, but, oh well.

1. You have to do it 
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you, and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer
4. Choose 13 people
5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people 
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags  (but You can "don't do them))
7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED 
9. You have to finish within a week. (Or, some later ^^) 
10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description 

1-If a fairy or something grants you one wish, what would that wish be?
I guess that depends on the level of the wish-granter's power. Can I wish for an end to things like starvation or war or disease? (Of the three, I'd say 'disease.' We have the power to stop starvation and war on our own.) 

2-If you could rename yourself what name would you choose?
I used to think about that all the time. At first it was always names that I like, but the thing is, if it's going to be your name it has to be something that instantly grabs your attention as much as your birth name does; if one of a hundred voices on a crowded street says it, you instantly notice it above the others and turn around. So... probably either my middle name, or a character I've had for a really long time.)

3-Do you have or ever want any piercings?
Used to; decided I don't really need it.

4-Do you have OC's ? If so which of them is (or are, if you can't choose) your absolute favorite/s

You better sit down for this one. :p 

My top two are from a story I've had in my head ever since I was a child. The (very) cut down version on the Odyssey universe is, imagine Star Wars meets X-Men. A team of agents from different worlds, each with one power (or specialty they’re so good at it may as well be one), goes on missions to battle your basic evil empire that controls much of the galaxy and would like to have the rest. However, the larger mysteries are not the doings of the usual villains.

Two of the main team are my first two characters ever, whose world went through several changes before settling on this one.

Shannon begins the story as medical researcher, but turns out to be a werewolf-like alien who'd been researching humanity in disguise. (We learn she was a top scientist back home, and she invented the process that let her take human form for a while, and put the same skills to work while she was here. So, she ends up with medical research being her day job.) In her goal of experiencing every way of life on Earth, she's lived in many countries, she’s gone home to houses and to mud-huts, and has yet to meet anyone who speaks more languages than she does. She also likes to skate. And climb on things. Sometimes indoors. The way she usually looks isn’t actually what she looked like at first; her original form could only partially be restored. She looks just a little more humanoid than the rest of her people and is self-conscious about it when back home; she gets a few stares for looking almost like a normal member of her species (Imagine if you saw someone walking around who looked almost human.) She also has a habit of nicknaming people and things; when she’s telling the story she has to give human placeholder names to her people because her language is too different for things like names to easily be written in English, and it’s given her the habit of naming everything. Her people are close to nature and don’t use their technology to alter their surroundings very much, and live in large, complex treehouses. As such, the surface is largely left to its own devices and can be very dangerous. They're actually as advanced as any other race, their industrial complexes far in the desert.

Kristoff is a brilliant programmer and engineer who doesn't always remember to do things like eating or sleeping or making sure his socks match. He’s a T-shirt and jeans type; expect the T-shirt to have something dinosaur-related. Physically, I imagine him looking a lot like Curtis from “Arrow.” He's the more casual version of your usual supergenius geek character; he's not the type who uses a lot of tech speak with people who probably wouldn’t understand (he was when I first came up with him; eventually I decided he’d be a little less stereotypical.) but he can sometimes go days without talking to anyone because he was busy on a project or just whatever his obsession is at the moment. There was a rule back where he and Shannon worked together back on Earth: if it’s been three days and nobody’s actually seen Kristoff go home, he is to be dragged out of the building. He gets better at the ‘actually talking to people’ thing as time goes on and the team becomes more closely-knit. He will, at one point, find out that his share of the profits from something he invented back home have gone into an account he never touched while away on the Odyssey and are adding up - he’s actually rich and didn’t know it for years. Too bad he can’t stick around and enjoy it. 

Anyway, they ended up discovering the first signs of the upcoming invasion, got the word out to the resistance (which, this side of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will now need a name other than “The Resistance, which was all I'd ever called it.) and ended up as part of a team of agents. (Who I won’t be talking about here lest it go on forever.)

When I first came up with it, it was more superhero-like. A teenage Kristoff, with electrical powers, had to stop the plans of the villain-of-the-week who was sent by the leaders of the empire, one-by-one, Power Rangers style, somehow without missing too much school. Meanwhile, his best friend Shannon had a habit of sneaking away when you weren’t looking. He never questioned it because it was usually when he himself needed to get away from everyone and suit up. After a certain point, he is occasionally helped out by a mysterious wolf girl who never sticks around to answer any questions…. you can see where this is going. :p The Odyssey universe has gone in such a different direction that I may dust off that version and do them both, actually. I've had both versions in mind since I was in elementary school... I should really write them more.

(Honorable mentions for my favorite OCs: I’ve also got a Power Rangers SPD team for another planet (one member being a canon guest star, though), a different original world with traditional superhero types who also hunt down the artifacts left behind by humanity’s predecessors, and… way fewer ponies, Gems, or Zelda characters than you expect if you followed me here from my comment on something, since that’s what I mostly talk about. See, with MLP and LOZ I prefer to use background characters, toy-only characters, and characters who were in earlier/later versions. One of these days I’ll get around to posting stuff about my MLP G5 or my Zelda/Kamen Rider AU…)

5-In which country would you like to live?
I'd like to try several, if I could. 

6-If you'd rather live in a non-real world/place which one would that be? It can be from anywhere, movies, games, tv-shows ect ect...
The worlds of my favorites, and my own worlds, are so dangerous! While it’s fun to read, watch, or write a world where it’s a near-armageddon every week, I’d live in a sitcom. People have their problems and differences but always come back together in the end, the most dysfunctional family still really loves each other, things are fun more often than not. For the hard times, everyone comes together, even the ones who don’t normally get along. A world that's mostly fun and runs on love? I could go for that.

7-If you could make one fictional character become real, who would you choose?
My answer's actually pretty much the same as the person I got this from - I wouldn't choose anyone, because it'd be cruel to take a character out of their world, away from everyone and everything they've ever known. And if it’s a sci-fi/fantasy world that they’re from, they’d also be totally lost in our very different one.

8-What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
That's for me to know and for no one who wasn't there to ever, ever find out (hopefully.) And Sasha-Buttersworth, if you're reading this: no, it's not that thing I told you about. It gets worse. :p

9-What are the things you find the most annoying?
Coming home from  the store to find that there's one thing I forgot. Happens every time...

10-Imagine you're in a lab or something and they'd let you have one superpower of your choice, only ONE! Which one would you choose? Take your time... it can be only one...
Healing, if I could spread it over a wide area. (If it's one by one... you could never reach everyone and you'd feel like a murderer or something if you ever stopped because how can you sleep when there's one more person who won't survive the night if you do? And there's always more than one more...)

11-If you could shapeshift between human and one other creature, no matter if its realistic or fantasy, what creature would this be?
Something that flies!

12-Do you play any musical instrument? and if you don't then which one is your favorite / would you like to play?
Played the trombone in fifth grade. Was very bad at it. Or at least, I thought.

13-Now what is the most important thing to you in life?
I want to the world better than I found it, in some way, even if it's small. Also, I want to have no regrets, nothing I wish I'd done but never got around to. 

Her questions, uh… [rereads, sees how long this is getting] …in a separate post in a little while, probably. :p